Study visit in Warsaw

From the 26th-30th of June in Warsaw, Poland, the second study visit of the ERASMUS+ project ‘Development of CBRN training programme for police officers (CBRN-POL)’ was held by the The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw and The Polish National Police Headquarters. The particpants visited also the Warsaw Police Headquarters and the Police Training Centre in Legionowo.

The study visit was a second planned in projects visit which was conducted to facilitate exchange of good practices between each partner’s CBRN experts.

During these five days experts from all of the partner organizations were acquainted with the capacity, expertise and knowledge of such institutions as the the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, the Warsaw Municipal Police and Bureau of Counter-terrorist Operations of the Polish National Police Headquarters, the Warsaw Fire Department and Polish police academy in Legionowo.

Additionally, during this visit the CBRN-POL project representatives had been invited to participate in Polish Border Guard Workshops – POLON CBRNE seminar.

You can find more information in a report on the visit here.

Study visit in Warsaw